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Fairfax Gallery - Framing Establishment has been at the heart of the Jacksonville Florida art scene for almost 30 years. This busy Jacksonville art gallery is tucked in the center of historic Avondale/Ortega, one of the most vibrant art districts in Jacksonville.

Fairfax Gallery represents artists throughout the country with a concentration of local and regional artists. The Jacksonville gallery houses a variety of styles ranging from conservative and traditional, to expressionists, abstract and whimsical.

Fairfax Gallery & Framing Establishment NEWS

Corporate Sales:
  • Mayo Clinic - Artwork - 7th and 8th Floor Addition to Hospital; Coumadin Clinic & Lobby; Physical Therapy Pain Clinic; CT Clinic & Lobby; Administration Offices & Executive Board Room; Davis Building 3 North Exam Rooms.
  • St. Vincent's Southside - 280 Tempered Glass Magnetic Patient Boards, 12 Assignment Boards and 12 Telephone Boards; Artwork - 4th Floor Renovation in Lobby, Conference Room and Hallways; Family Birth Place, Patient Rooms and Triage.
  • St. Vincent's Riverside - Artwork - Prints on Plexiglas Framed in DePaul Rooms.
  • Jacksonville University - Artwork - Nancy Shultz Giclees in College of Health Sciences
  • Fidelity Investment Services (FIS) - Artwork - Executive Board Rooms, Employee Hallways and Break Rooms.
  • Lazzara Dental Office - Artwork and Framing of Patient Information - Lobby, Employee Offices and Patient Exam Rooms.
  • MidTown Center - Artwork - Nine Lobby Renovation
  • Dostie Builders - Residential Mirrors for Custom Homes in Pablo Reserve, Glen Kernan, Queens Harbor and Palencia.
  • Pineapple Corporation - Residential Mirrors for Custom Homes in Pablo Reserve.
Residential Sales:
  • Congratulations: Mary Hubley, Casey Matthews, John Bunker, Nancy Schultz, Natalie Andreeva, Rita Kenyon, Carole Mehrtens and Rani Garner.

Fairfax Gallery - Framing Establishment
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Our Jacksonville gallery artists and fine framing are featured in many homes and prominent businesses throughout Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

  • Affordable custom framing and mirrors.
  • High quality framing and attention to detail.
  • An experienced design team.
  • Professional Installation