Residential Projects

Project: Riverfront Home

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

This rambling riverfront home was in need of artwork for one of the hallways. Natalia Andreeva's Yellow Bells was selected. She was then commissioned to create a companion piece. White Bells was painted providing a perfect balance. Two Toni Dewitt original mono-prints were placed in the bedroom between Natalia's paintings creating a bright cheery spot for the eyes to gaze upon.

Project: Riverside Condominium

Location: Riverside, Jacksonville, Florida

One of our trendy Riverfront Condominiums in the heart of Riverside/5 Points selected this fun colorful Seattle artist, Hiromoto to make a statement in their recently renovated lobby. Wanting upbeat, contemporary and fun, this painting says all that and more.

Project: Riverside Personal Residence

Location: Riverside, Jacksonville, Florida

Paintings by Claire Kendrick and Natalia Andreeva have been added to the collection of this spacious Riverside home. Both pieces were selected to compliment the family friendly atmosphere and view of the St Johns River. Whether playing piano or just gazing at the river's beauty, these paintings complete this room and home's ambiance perfectly.

Project: Epping Forest Gated Community - Personal Residence

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

The artwork of John Bunker, Rita Kenyon and Casey Matthews were chosen to compliment the furnishings of this active and beautiful Epping Forest home. The homeowners fell in love with the contemporary originals and how each piece enhanced their home. The Billiard Room artwork was created to add some fun and funk.

Project: Avondale Riverfront Home - Personal Residence

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

A beautifully designed home by Richard Skinner required special artwork.

The original Casey Matthews Abstract, "The Visitor" is installed on the living room fireplace stone wall. The blue and taupe coordinates with the stone, furniture upholstery and river views. An original Rita Kenyon titled "Silver Beach" was installed over the grand staircase. The pool bath has an Ande Lister Abstract, "What Goes Around" that picks up the turquoise tile.

The Homeowner felt the artwork enhanced the design of the home, complimented the river without distracting from the gorgeous views.

Project: Pablo Reserve Community - Personal Residence

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Working with Shulte Design Firm, FE-FG designed for the residence a workout room mirrored wall. The client, a big fan of "Superman" wanted a painting of Superman installed on the mirror. FE-FG worked with an artist in Texas to paint a 4' by 8' Superman that was then installed with standoffs. FE-FG coordinated the mirror installation and supervised the drilling of holes in the mirror to line up with the stand-offs in the painting.

The client a collector of high end automobiles, wanted his 7 stall garage designed with logos, photographs and floor mats using the logos of the 7 different automobiles. FE-FG designed large plexiglass installations with the logos printed on plexiglass, back lit and installed using brushed silver stand-offs. Each automobile has a custom floor mat inlaid into the flooring with the logo of the automobile. Custom photography of the client and his wife in the assorted luxury automobiles are printed on plexiglass & framed in a brushed silver frame. A dream to design and create for these special spaces.

Framing Establishment - Fairfax Gallery worked with the clients to chose artwork for their Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room and Media Room. The Living Room and Media Room were commissioned work, giving the client art that exactly fit their vision for their outstanding new home.